Lead by:  Darrel Jingst
Topic:  The Book of Exodus


Student Ministries

Lead by: Pastor Ryan
Prophecy: Preview of Coming Events

Most people are very interested in the future. What is going to happen in the days and years ahead? When it comes to knowing what will happen in the future, man does not have the answers. However, God knows the future and He is able to declare the end from the beginning. Join us as we dig deep into God's Word and build our relationship and confidence together with our Lord and Savior.


Dates: July 30th - August 3rd
West Palm Beach, FL
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Student Life Camp 2018 will explore the characteristics of Yahweh, the one and only living God (Deuteronomy 6:4), as experienced by Moses in Exodus 3-4. Rather than reduce God to a single attribute like "love" or "judge," your students will encounter an Almighty creator God who is above us, with us in His Son Jesus (who declared His own divinity with the "I AM" statements recorded in John), and worthy of our trust because He will never change or fail. Unlike our current culture which suffers from intense "god" confusion, your students will have a clear picture of not only God's character, but also how He relates to His children. They will return home with a firm theological and relational foundation to form a God-centered worldview and decision-making process.

MISSION CAMP - To lead by serving and being responsible for a neighborhood VBS investing in the lives of children. Our prayer is to equip, encourage, and allow our youth to experience ministry by leading Bible study, activities, crafts, and worship.


Sunday School for All Ages 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 AM
Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 PM
AWANA (Elementary) 6:15 PM
OneSixTeen Student Ministry (Middle & High) 6:30 PM
Adult L.I.F.E (Living In Faith Everyday) Group 6:30 PM
Adult Prayer and Bible Study 7:00 PM

Southside Baptist Church
379 South Commerce Avenue
Sebring, FL 33876
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